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Your only comprehensive guide to escorts and sex in Puerto Vallarta!


You will have a fun evening touring places you will never forget!

You will safely see and meet Puerto Vallarta escorts in places other than the high end strip clubs.

You will be able to find a Puerto Vallarta escort quickly and easily without wasting time and money.

You will be guided by someone who know the area, the people and the places.


You will go to local strip clubs, brothels and bars that are off the beaten track and that you would otherwise never be able to visit!


Just call, email or fill out the form in Contact Us to meet the Puerto Vallarta escorts and see the places!

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All the information we have assembled over the years is now available in a book!

Complete Guide to Sex in Puerto Vallarta

Updated Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 8:20 PM

Welcome to the 2016 tour season!

We are offering a season opening special. Until December 1st, we’ll give you a free copy of our book with every tour. Not only that but we now offer the tours any day of the week and we’ll have our new, revised book out shortly!

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Book an escort-friendly hotel directly!

Be assured that your escort can come visit you in your hotel by booking directly here! If you book a hotel through this link, you will be assured of not having any problems when an escort wants to come to your room. However if you don’t rent the room for two people (which is usually the same price!), some of the hotels have fees for letting the girls have access to the rooms and those fees are noted below. After deciding which hotels appeal to you, please check our comments on the “Good Hotels” page to avoid surprises and, if possible, always make sure your reservation is for two people!

Better yet book an apartment or condominium!

There are never any problems at apartments or condos so we don’t have any comments nor have we listed them on the “Good Hotels” page. If you can, rent one of these and assure yourself of not having any problems with anyone coming to visit you.

Book your escort-friendly hotel in US$ Book an apt. or condo here - US$ Book your escort-friendly hotel in CAN$ Book and apt. or condo here - CAD$ Email Us Tour info & details Info about book