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Your only comprehensive guide to escorts and sex in Puerto Vallarta!

Expensive Strip and Table Dance Clubs List

These places are the most expensive places to find escorts.. You will spend at least $350 (and up) to take an escort out and a little less for a half hour in one of their rooms. You`ll pay a cover charge of 200 pesos and up and drinks are at least 10$. Drinks for the escorts will run from 15$ to 35$ each and you need to buy them one to get them to talk to you at your table. The girls will be drinking their drinks as quickly as they can so you`ll buy them another one. If you have a lot of money and don`t care about spending up to $500 for an hour or two in a strip club without even having much fun, these might be your kind of places. If you are on a budget and aren’t independently wealthy, these can be the fastest way to lose all your money!  When you get into a taxi and ask the driver to take you to a place with girls, you`ll get led to one of these and the taxi driver will receive up to a 400 peso commission and you`ll end up with an empty wallet! It is best to pay drink by drink since there is a chance that if you drink a lot, your tab will be inflated. So what are the alternatives? Read on...

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Inexpensive Strip and Table Dance Clubs List

There are several strip clubs that cater to local Mexicans .. Here the girls range in price from 800 pesos for 20 minutes and up - (up to 3000+ for 2 hours out of the club)  The beers for the girls will run about 120 pesos and beers for you are between 20 and 40 pesos (most are 30 pesos). There will not be cover charge at these clubs if you don’t arrive in a taxi.

.While not all the girls will be of the quality of the expensive clubs, there will be quite a few that are! There is also a lot less pressure by the employees. You won`t be hustled into a seat by 3 men when you walk in the door! They are generally honest and won’t inflate the tab because they cater to locals who would never come back if they did!.  These are where you should go if you want to go to strip club and not spend a fortune!

Again, be careful not to go in a taxi without telling the driver that they won’t receive a commission. When you get out of the taxi, tell the doorman (preferably with the taxi driver present) that he isn’t getting a commission. Otherwise they will charge you a cover charge to pay the taxi driver!

The way most of the clubs work is that they charge a set fee to use the rooms in the club (house fee) and then you negotiate with the girl for how much she’ll charge you. The usual fee for the house is 300 pesos and up. They all have various specials on spending time alone with the girls in their  private booths and special areas.

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There are several areas in town where you can find escorts walking the street. One is just north of the centro in 5 de diciembre and the other is a one block stretch in the zona romantica. The escorts will cost between 400 and 600 pesos (including the room that is 100 pesos). There are some trans gendered boys so you should make sure you are getting a girl! You can take them to one of their rooms or there is a hotel (Montes de Oca) nearby for 150 pesos for 4 hrs (in 5 de diciembre). They generally will be sitting right on the sidewalk in 5 de diciembre. Next door to where they sit is a black door that actually is a big bar where some of them will hang out. In both areas, if you just walk around, you´ll see the escorts. Remember that they don`t speak much English, if any!

Click here to see where to find the streetwalkers on calle Guatemala in Google maps

Another is in the 5 de diciembre, only a few blocks from the one above.

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Another is in the romantic zone in front of the Hotel Erendira - on calle Naranjo 2 blocks from the river and just south of calle Aquilles Serdan.

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Escort Agencies List

There are several escort agencies in Puerto Vallarta but there is one that is far above the others. They use real photos, update their web sites daily, are discrete and professional. They aren’t cheap but they’re not the most expensive either. They run their service like we run out tours. We make sure you are safe and secure and so does this group. Read about them in our reviews.

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The best local and online resources to find the girls of the Red Light District. Sex shop! Puerto Vallarta Red Zone tour stripper

Other Stuff

Sex Shops

Sex Shop Dejavu - Puerto Vallarta

They offer home delivery  in Puerto Vallarta. They wil bring you a catalog and then deliver the merchandise. This is the same shop that is in Jarretaderas in Nayarit. Call them for your needs here in Puerto Vallarta.  Nice people and very accomodating!

Phone: 322-111-4090

Sex Shop Dejavu - Nayarit

Address: Av. Ingreso #59 (Entrance to Jarretaderas just after the bridge between Jalisco and Nayarit)

Take the entrance to Jarretaderas from the freeway between Jalisco and Nayarit and it’s on the right at the bottom.

The Closet

This is a new home delivery service with great prices and great service. Give them a try if you are looking for sex  toys and accessories in Puerto Vallarta!

Address: Lazero Cardenas #230

Phone: Cell: 322-111-3065 or 223-3030

Web site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Closet/115343575192125

Dirty Movie Theatres

Cinema Colonial

Address: Bolivia #1403, Colonia 5 de diciembre

Phone: 222-1675 and 225-0461

Click here to see the Cinema Colonial in Google maps

Sala Elizabeth Taylor

Address: 5 de febrero #265, Colonia Emiliano Zapato

Phone:  223-5250 (Close to Rizo’s in the romantic zone)

Motel List

(Where to take your girl when home or your hotel isn’t an option!)

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